Thursday, May 19, 2011

William and Kate will have trouble to conceive

Now that the sound of wedding bells has faded into the background it appears that it's time for some new William and Kate rumours.... In Touch Magazine claims to quote Camilla as saying that Kate has fertility issues. Very 'evil stepmom'-like, hadn't we ditched that stereotype a long time ago? Anyway, if they don't conceive within the first 9 months they'll defy a 170 year old tradition. Moreover, if they would adopt, the child would not be able to become king/queen, only biological children have that right, so if they don't have biological children Harry's future oldest child will be the first in line to the thrown.

The things one can worry about not even a month after their wedding, when they haven't even returned from their honeymoon :S I'm calling BS on this article, big time. To all nay-sayers out there I'd like to say: rules (traditions) are made to be broken and let them focus on their own happiness first, before Great-Britain/the rest of the world goes into mass hysteria.

What do you think?

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