Friday, June 10, 2011

Dutch football players have too much fun in Rio de Janeiro.

Dirk Kuyt partying in Rio de Janeiro.
After playing games against Uruguay and Brazil the Dutch national football team (for the American readers: the Dutch national soccer team) partied in Rio de Janeiro. Only perhaps they partied a bit too hard... Slightly promiscuous photos of at least three players, Dirk Kuyt, John Heitinga and Klaas Jan Huntelaar have surfaced and this could cause quite the scandal! The photos show the football players, all married and with children, entertaining (that means dancing and drinking) themselves with several women.

Johnny Heitinga says "We were quite surprised (about the photos surfacing). It was after our last game, we started our holidays and went out all together and had a few drinks. It really looks worse than it was. No-one actually did something wrong. Of course, we're pretty bummed about the photos leaking to the press, since we function as an example to others."

Johnny had already told his wife, Charlotte-Sophie, about the night partying. She texted the Dutch gossip tv-show RTL Boulevard and said "The guys had a great time. Just like me, when I go out!".

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