Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aaron Spelling's residence has been sold.

The most expensive home on the US American market has been sold! The primary residence of the late Aaron Spelling, the home where Tori Spelling grew up, is officially of the market. Candy Spelling, Aaron's widow, put the house up for sale in 2008, when the desire grew to live somewhere smaller. The asking price was a whopping 150 million USD. Petra Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1-billionaire Bernard Ecclestone, is said to have bought the estate. How much she has paid for it is unknown.

Aaron Spelling lived in the Manor up until his death in 2006. Aaron and Candy Spelling bought the estate in Holmby Hills, L.A., in the early 1980's, the original house was torn down and a new manor was built. The main building, inspired by a French castle, was finished in 1991. How many rooms the estate has is a mystery, since not even Candy Spelling knows. She has said that the house expanded so much over the years that she has no idea, "I never took a walk around the house to count all the rooms."

What is known is that the 56500-square-foot/52500 square meters mansion is built on 6 acres/2,43 hectare of land. Next to the standard living room and bed room, the main building contains a bowling alley, cinema, wine cellar, library, hair salon, and gym. There's also one (or several) gift wrapping room(s), a room for the Chinese porcelain and another room for the table silver. Also present was a 'Prince Charles Suite', because the Prince had stayed there one night.

Candy Spelling bought a new apartment at the end of last year and moved into the 35 million USD apartment shortly thereafter. The late Aaron Spelling was the producer of Dynasty, Charlie's Angels and Beverly Hills 90210 (to name a few). He died in 2006, age 83.

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