Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lily Allen and Sam Cooper reveal to their wedding guests: we're expecting a baby!

Lily Allen waves after her wedding ceremony. If you look closesly you can see the beginnings of a baby bump.
Yesterday was a joyous day for Lily Allen and Sam Cooper, they got married. It alsow was a joyous day for other reasons, over the wedding breakfast, Sam shared with wedding guests that they've got one more thing to be overjoyed about: they're expecting a baby!

Lily's new pregnancy comes almost seven months after the newlyweds sadly lost their son in the sixth month of their pregnancy. When Lily was photographed yesterday rumours immediately started: is that a little bit of extra room in her wedding dress? And is that little bit of room for a baby belly? Delphine Manivet, the designer of the dress (and so not Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld as some outlets report - even though it was expected that Lily would wear Chanel, she clearly did not), commented on Lily's pregnancy after news broke that Sam had shared it with their wedding guests. She said "It's beautiful that she is pregnant, and I am very happy for her. She is very happy about that - it is something wonderful." Regarding the dress she added "You can see of course the little stomach - it looked very cute with the dress."

Speaking of the dress, more details are coming out (but not regarding the flowers. Grrrr.). The dress consisted of an underdress covered with a second lace overlay dress. The lace in the dress and veil was made in Calais, France. The train of the dress was reportedly over one meter/3.28 feet long.

A double congrats is in place. I hope that I'll soon be able to report about Lily and Sam's healthy baby!

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