Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lily Allen's wedding shoes: the ins and outs.

Sam Cooper and Lily Allen last Saturday.
No-one could have missed it: Lily Allen got married last Saturday to 'her' Sam Cooper. We already know that she got married in a dress from Parisian designer Delphine Manivet, but now details on her shoes are also emerging. Shoe-wise Lily stuck a bit closer to home, choosing for British designer Rupert Sanderson. She loved his shoes so much, that she didn't just have one pair for her big day, she had two pairs!

For the ceremony Lily wore Rupert's sky-high Hydra pumps in suede. "The original Hydra is very graphic with colour-block geometric strips worked into the platform and heel," Sanderson explains, "Lily loved the style, but wanted something softer and more feminine." The designer was happy to oblige and designed these pumps in a grey-ish/pearly suede. The Hydra has 5.5 inch heels and Lily reportedly "loved the simplicity, elegance and subtle sexiness”of the pumps.

For the evening party - with an 'English cricket and afternoon tea'-theme - at her home in the Cotswolds Lily chose for a bit more comfortable shoes (imagine  walking on those Hydra's in the garden!), opting for Sanderson's colourful Rossini flats. "Lily was a a joy to work with, she knows what she likes and what she looks great in,” Sanderson says, he continues "I’ve been a fan of Lily’s for a long time so working with her has really been a highlight and hearing that Lily and Sam are expecting is wonderful news — congrats to the both of them!"

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