Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Meet Martha Stewart's first grand child: baby Jude.

The journey for Alexis Stewart, 45, was a long one, but March 8th, 2011, daughter Jude was born. Finally one could say, because it took five years and the help of a gestational surrogate to fulfill Alexis's ultimate dream of becoming a mother. Alexis says 'Getting Jude was lucky. I'm happy, but this has been rough'. Rough being an understatement: Alexis has seen several doctors over the years and at one point spent up to $27.000 a month on IVF procedures and an additional $6.000 on medication. Thanks to her current physician she was able to cut back her payments to about $5.000 a month, but more importantly, she welcomed her daughter into the world.

A daughter she is planning on spoiling rotten, but in a decidedly different way. Alexis spent last winter taking ice skating lessons, so that when Jude is older they can go ice skating together. 'I want her to do everything'. Now that would be a nice way to spoil your child!

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