Friday, June 10, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris shows some awesome holiday photos of his twins.

Harper and Gideon holding hands.
Neil Patrick Harris stopped by the tonight show June 9th and, of course, talked about his and partner David Burtka's 8-month old twins: son Gideon Scott and daughter Harper Grace. Especially Neil's new hobby of photography  was discussed. Every month he takes a special holiday photo, so that later in life "we can humiliate and embarass them" (pay special attention to his voice when he gets all excited talking about the calender. So funny!). Harper and Gideon were photographed in little leprachaun outfits for St. Patrick's Day, for Easter they went all cute and cuddly with fluffy bunny ears and for Cinco de Mayo Gideon sported a little sombrero and mustache, whereas Harper discovered her inner (well outer) Frida Kahlo, sporting a unibrow. All this caused David Letterman to comment "you know that babies are more than party props?!"

Really, what's not to love about NPH?? 

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