Monday, June 27, 2011

Pauly D: we are irreplaceable.

Paul Delvecchio, aka. DJ Pauly D.
Amidst swirling rumours that MTV will be replacing the entire cast of Jersey Shore, because they're getting too expensive, Paul Delvecchio aka DJ Pauly D. has a clear message "I think we're irreplaceable. I don't think they could replace us. They'd just be people trying to be like us, anyway."

Last Friday MTV denied that they'll be replacing the original cast. A spokes person said that the network has "no plans to recast the show". That's good news for Snooki, J-Woww, The Situation and Pauly D, even though they were rumoured to be getting their own spin-off series. Pauly D. has a clear stance on the reality series, saying "I'll do as many Jersey Shore's as we can, but I knot everything doesn't last forever."

Pauly also shares his view on the new season, that was filmed in Italy, and will premiere August 4th."It's more of the guys getting into the drama," he says. "We're used to it with the girls, but this season it's a lot of the guys … I think it was as much drama as there was in Miami. Yeah, we got ourselves into some crap. Somehow we always end up OK. There was some serious stuff going on there."

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