Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pink and Carey Hart introduce daughter Willow Grace to the world.

Pink, Carey Hart and Willow Grace.
June 2nd, 2011, has been the day that Pink and Carey Hart's lives changed forever. They know how cliché it sounds, but it's true.

Little Willow Sage screwed up her parents birth plan by positioning herself frank-breech (head up, piked legs) in the womb, causing her parents to have to abandon their plans of a home birth and instead having to opt for a c-section at the hospital. However, after her delivery everything has been smooth sailing. "You hear people say it all the time, how life changes drastically," Pink says. "You can’t possibly grasp how beautiful [life] is until you have your child. I could sit and watch paint try as long as she was in my arms."

New dad Carey Hart has settled in his new role as a parent too. 
"I knew when I met him he’d be a great father, but watching him nurture her, I’ve never been so in love in my life,” the proud mom says, only to add "Carey is a natural. He calms her down like only my boob can." (Now that is a compliment)

Willow was named after Pink's favourite tree, which "can bend and withstand anything". Those traits might come in handy, because Pink and Carey are planning on taking her with them on upcoming tours and to motorcross races. "She is so lucky that she’ll have the ability to travel to all the different countries and cultures and see so much," Pink says. However, before they start travelling the new family will stay put for a while, and baby's first photo session was part of their time at home. Baby Willow slept through the entire photo shoot, causing Pink to chime "Willow is a pro! Or else she is borderline narcoleptic like her daddy – she slept the whole time." Love her sense of humour!

Congrats to the adorable family on their ubercute baby!

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