Monday, June 13, 2011

Pippa Middleton is back on the market.

Pippa Middleton and Alex Loudon.
The English tabloids are sure. Kate Middleton's younger sister Philippa Middleton, commonly known as Pippa, is without a boyfriend.

The new socialite was accompanied by boyfriend Alex Loudon to her sister's royal wedding in April, but according to reports the couple have broken up since. Apparently, Pippa's new found 'celebrity status' put a strain on the relationship, but both Pippa and Alex are committed to staying friends.

How long Pippa,27 has been single for is unknown. Pippa and Alex, 30, a former professional cricket player turned broker started dating shortly before Christmas. A 'friend' is quoted by the Times of London as saying that "it is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up."

Undoubtedly reports will start flying around about a possible romance between Pippa and Prince Harry. However, Pippa has lately been spotted out quite a number of times with George Percy. George is an ex-boyfriend from college. They were recently seen together on holiday in Madrid, as well as watching tennis together at the Queens Club.

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