Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crazy Celebrity Baby Names Part 1.

I love names, and I always love reading about what celebrities have named their newborn child. What I love even more are wacky/crazy/weird/interesting names. Therefore I've decided to start a returning blog post, where I'll discuss a celebrity and their chosen baby name(s). From cute to downright crazy. Fasten your seatbelts, 'cause here we go!

I want to start this very first post with a celebrity baby name that really had me go "WTF??!".

American rapper Lil' Mo, real name Cynthia Loving has two daughters with first husband Al Stone. Daughter number one was born in 2002 and was given the name Heaven Love'On.
Lil' Mo

I'm not really into this kind of biblical names, but I can imagine that Heaven is quite cute on a little girl (I'm not really sure how it'll go over as an adult though) and in this case the 'what were you thinking'-name WITH apostrophe and random capitalization has middle name status. Read: no-one needs to know about it.

However, come daughter number 2 this scenario changes. Daughter number two was born in 2005 and was given the name God'Iss Love.Wow!

Besides the fact that they named their daughter Godess (now that is a name to live up to), they've also decided that misspelling it AND adding an apostrophe and random capitalization was going to make it sooooooooo much better. I get that it reads 'God is love', which in itself is a wonderful message. However, this is an actual living being and she'll need to live with this name for the rest of her life and even though her name is pronounced 'God is love' it certainly doesn't look as if it is supposed to be said like that. Furthermore, unless she's going to tell everyone her middle name to reveal the message behind her full name, people are either going to think that her parents were (a) quite the arrogant type naming their daughter 'Godess' or (b) that the parents were illiterate because they spelled it God'Iss.

Poor God'Iss. I have to give it to Lil' Mo though, it's a great stage name!

Fun fact: after her divorce from Al Stone, Lil' Mo is now married to Gospel artist Philip Bryant. Together they have a son (born in 2009). His name? Justin McKenzie Philip. That's quite a leap from Heaven and God'Iss!

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