Monday, July 4, 2011

Ashley Cole wants to marry Cheryl again, but they just got divorced!

Cheryl and Ashley Cole.
It's been nine months since Ashley and Cheryl Cole got divorced, but now Ashley has revealed his intention to marry Cheryl again! This statement comes shortly after the couple was seen kissing, in front of their friends and family, at Cheryl's 28th birthday party. The couple apparently started seeing each other again about six months ago. A 'source' tells the Daily Mail "Ash made it clear to all his friends that he wanted to win Cheryl back, and they've been properly in touch for the past six months, meeting at his brother Matty's house. They've spent so many evenings together, it was all like a covert operation. There was a kiss here and there, but things got a little bit more intimate just before Cheryl went to America."

Cheryl Cole as she arrives for her 28th birthday party at the Sanderson Hotel.
The only one who's not jumping up and down out of pure bliss is Cheryl's mother, Joan Callaghan. According to the source "the only big opposition is Joan, she's really depressed about this." Hopefully Joan will cheer up, when she hears that "Ashley has got his wife back, and this time it's for keeps," another source tells The Mirror. "He has learned from his mistakes and knows he messed up, but he's promised Cheryl he will change."

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