Friday, July 8, 2011

Crazy Celebrity Baby Names Part 2.

I think it's time for another wacky celebrity baby name post. This post is for everyone who thinks that 'different' celebrity names are a thing of the past couple of years. I'm here to tell you: it's not. Therefore I'm presenting you with the case of Jermaine Jackson, older brother of Michael Jackson and former Jackson 5 member. Currently he's been married for the fourth time, and he has seven children with three women (he has no children with his current wife). This post I'd like to focus my attention on the name of his youngest child.

Jermaine La Jaune Jackson has two sons with Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza. Jafaar Jeremiah was born in 1996, and even though I keep wanting to sing songs from Aladdin, I can imagine that you'd like the name. In 2000 their youngest son was born: Jermajesty Jermaine.

Jermaine Jackson with Jafaar and Jermajesty.
I must confess that I don't like 'royal' names at all, Jafaar and Jermajesty's cousins names Prince Michael and Prince Michael II also don't float my boat, and neither do Princess or King. However, in my opinion, Jermajesty is just wacky.  I just don't get how you can go from Your Majesty to Jermajesty. At least, that's where I assume that it comes from. However, I'd like to give the parents props for not using any random capitalisation (really, JerMajesty would have been worse), or random apostrophes (Jer'majesty, or - oh horror - Jer'Majesty..).

It could be that the 'Jer'-spelling was made up to keep the name in line with the names of his other siblings: Jermaine La Jaune Jr. (1977 - he goes by Jay), Jaimy Jackson (1980), Jeremy (1986), Jourdynn (1989 - an early example of youneek spelling) and Jafaar Jeremiah, making Autumn Joy (1978) the only one without a J-name.

I don't want to bash Jermajesty, because he looks like a supercute little fella. However, I most certainly hope that it doesn't become mainstream.

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