Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Widespread criticism on David & Victoria Beckhams name choice.

David and Victoria Beckham.
Her name has caused people to think that she was born at 'half past seven', but there are many, many more reactions to the name of the newest Beckham in town: Harper Seven. The Telegraph has even dedicated an entire article on Tweets about the newborn's name.

There are several theories regarding the origin of the name Harper, guesses go from novelists to Harper's Bazaar magazine, @Martin_Carr tweeted "are we assuming that's after Harper Lee? [the writer of To Kill A Mockingbird] Seems a bit literary for them..." Whereas @sarah_robbo tweeted "erm, I usually like weird celeb' baby names, but HARPER SEVEN? Literally Harpers Bizarre?!"

Some people think that the name is cute and quirky, with @ladysov tweeting, "I actually think the beckhams daughters name "harper seven" is kinda cool." Others come with societal criticism, @camillalong tweeted, "doesn't Posh know the Harper Seven were a group of climate change activists jailed for bombing a juice bar in San Francisco?"

In my opinion, Harper isn't that unusual anymore. To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic and has become a must-read for students. Seven isn't unique either, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000's son is named Seven Sirius. That people hear it as 'half past seven' is quite amusing. Let me put it this way, I'm just happy that they didn't name her Jermajesty.

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